Electromagnetism and a Zombie Invasion more alike than we thought?

It’s been recently noted that a current of electricity and a current of zombies share some interesting similarities. Electric current and a zombie invasion can both be measured by a numeric amount, the path they travel, and a rate that they travel. With this knowledge, you can understand the overall power potential of either.

(+) Positive and (-) Negative Electromagnetism

Within electricity, you have a positive (+) and a negative (-) end of a circuit. The charged electrons that make up electricity are drawn from the (-) end to the (+) end. Much like the electrons, zombies travel a path of least resistance, away from their origin of zombification (-) and towards brains (+).

During a zombie invasion, streets the zombies run would be like electrical circuits. The gauge of wire, much like the width of streets, limits the flow of the zombies. Also, if you wall off a zombie’s path, you close the circuit, and the zombies can’t get through, but if the circuit is opened, you’ll have a flow of zombies headed straight for brains.

Amps = Size of current

Think of each amp as an individual zombie. If there’s a zombie, its not too big a deal, but if you have 2000 zombies, you could be in trouble. Although, that also depends on how fast they’re moving. If the Amps measure the size of the current, then the Volts are the rate that the current flows.

Volts = Rate the current flows

If each amp is a zombie, then volts are the velocity of the zombies. If there was the velocity scale for zombies, a 1V zombie would be slowly shuffling, while a 500V zombie would be very fast and dangerous.

Amps x Volts = Watts

Now if you could generate electricity from those treadmills, you wouldn’t need a grid.

If Amps times Volts equals Watts, you’d be able to take the number of zombies and multiply it with their velocity and you could calculate the overall power potential of the zombies.

For example, say you need 900 Watts to power your coffeemaker, you could, in theory, harness that power from:

  • 10 90V Zombies
  • 90 10V zombies, or
  • 900 1V Zombies

That’s a lot of zombies. You better start stocking up on power generating treadmills now!


2 Responses to “Electricity/Zombies”

  1. William Steffey May 15, 2012 at 3:13 am #

    I’ve been itching to learn more about the tenets of electricity,and your zombie analogy fixed me up right quick. Please expound on resistors and capacitors using zombie examples. It’s fun AND educational. Thanks for following my soon-to-be-launched Platypus Letters blog. You might find my other WordPress blog “The Mechanics of Song” more active up to this point. Warm regards,


  1. My Electricity page is finished. Check it out! « spacemandino - May 14, 2012

    […] About Electricity […]

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