Jerry Mandino now has a Satanic Soundcloud page

3 Feb

Check out my Soundcloud page

3 Feb

Musical Hallucinations

3 Feb

Do you have musical hallucinations? Or maybe just really intense musical imagery?

I wake up many mornings with music playing in my head. Perhaps the remnants of the night’s dream soundtrack. Multiple nights this week I have woken up with blaring Skatalites horns.

I have had more than a few occasions in my life of trying to turn off the radio, and being quite confused to learn that is wasn’t even on. Those I consider true musical hallucinations. It can be a scary experience

I once wrote a song about musical hallucinations. The story is that a girlfriend wrote these beautiful songs about our rocky relationship. The shear songs of love and pain shoot straight into the depths of my soul and forever replay in my head as I dwell in regret.


Who said it: James Joyce or Kool Keith

18 May

James Joyce or Kool Keith

My Electricity page is finished. Check it out!

14 May

I wrote a short segment on how electricity works, by comparing electromagnetism to zombification. Interesting, right?

You should read it, here! You might learn something!

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Have you seen Satan’s Stair Trap?

10 May

I’m been experimenting with audio/video.
The object of the game is to count the Frankensteins, but don’t get lost, and don’t fall into Satan’s stair trap.

The audio is from an avant garde collaboration with Alan Czarnopol.

Have you heard my music?

10 May

It can be scary at times, frightening even, other times I’m just talking about whiskey. I even have a song “The Whiskey Suckers” which I’m talking about monsters that want to drink your whiskey.

“They creep in the night, they drink all your whiskey
They’re whiskey suckers”